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Trial #Subject 1 - Motion Description
1playground - forward jumps, turn around
2playground - climb
3playground - climb, hang, swing
4playground - climb
5playground - climb, go under
6playground - climb, sit, dangle legs, descend
7playground - climb, sit, dangle legs, jump down
8playground - climb, sit, dangle legs, rock back, lower self to ground
9playground - climb, hang, hold self up with arms straight, swing, drop, sit, dangle legs, go under
10playground - climb, swing, lean back, drop
11playground - climb, hang, lean over, jump down
12playground - climb, pull up, dangle, sit, lower self to ground
13playground - climb, go under, jump down
14playground - climb, jump down, dangle, legs push off against

Trial #Subject 43 - Motion Description
2playground - grip bar, swing body
3playground - grip bar, swing body