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  • C++ code for viewing and working with ASF/AMC files, aimed at Linux and OS X; a great place to start mocap projects. Written by James McCann. (Note: Set the ifstreams to open .v files with ios::binary, if under Windows and experiencing problems reading .v).
    The code also reads the Vicon .V format and can export it to asf/amc. It also contains an attempt to export bvh - this is untested; if someone would be kind enough to debug it...

  • New Version! New ASF/AMC viewer - Jernej Barbic and Yili Zhao at USC have reworked this code; thanks! The zip file contains the new compiled Windows executable, full source code (including fltk), compilation instructions for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and four representative mocap examples from the CMU mocap database.
    More explanation and ideas at Jernej and Yili's homework assignment webpage which uses this code.


  • AMC to Matrix by Jernej Barbic - Matlab script to convert from an AMC file to a Matrix
  • Matrix to AMC by Jernej Barbic - Matlab script to convert from a Matrix to an AMC file
  • c3d loading and saving in Matlab, by Q Youn Hong, using code from Alan Morris and Jaap Harlaar.


  • Alias MotionBuilder reads ASF/AMC. Go to File->Import, and select the .asf and .amc together.

Maya - asf/amc

  • To load asf/amc's into Maya, use the amc2mov and asf2mel programs from Biometrics, Inc., documented and available here on the mocap site.
  • Here is a script from the internet to export asf/amc's from Maya. (It is copied from here.) Paste the script into the script editor and source (run) it. Then select a root joint and type "asfamcExporter" in the Maya command window.

Maya - vsk/v

  • To load .v's into Maya, Vicon has given us a plugin. Here are the sources for both Windows and Linux. For convenience, here are compiled Windows versions of the Maya7.5 plugin and the Maya8.5 plugin and the Maya2008 plugin and the Maya2010 plugin and the Maya2011 plugin. All were built on a 32-bit machine and are untested on 64-bit. The compiled Windows version of the Maya 2012 plugin is for a 64-bit machine. Here is a 64-bit Mac version of the Maya2011 plugin sources and bundle (tested on Mac OS 10.6, on a 64-bit iMac).
    To load the .vsk, Vicon has given us some scripts - a README is in the zipfile.
    To use the plugin, load the .vsk skeleton, then the .v, which comes in as a set of Maya locators. Attach the locators to the skeleton using a script such as this one or this one, or you can perform the orientConstraints by hand.

Other - User Contributions


If you have any mocap code, tools, or pointers that you think would be useful to other people, please contribute. We'd especially like software to convert .asf/.amc into other useful formats. Email info to