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Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database!
This dataset of motions is free for all uses. Search above by subject # or motion category. Check out the "Info" tab for information on the mocap process, the "FAQs" for miscellaneous questions about our dataset, or the "Tools" page for code to work with mocap data. Enjoy!

The collection of the data in this database was supported by NSF Grant #0196217.

NEW! More easy-to-use motion capture formats! Bruce Hahn has released both 3D Studio Max and MotionBuilder bvh's, hosted at cgspeed.
The site includes links to our data in other formats, too. See the "Resources" tab above.

NEW! The Quality of Life Grand Challenge: Kitchen Capture dataset is now up.
This capture of kitchen activities includes mocap, microphones, accelerometers, and more:

NEW! More data formats are here! See the "Resources" tab for a list of external sites that have converted our data into numerous other formats.
Check out the "Info" tab above for an extended explanation of motion capture file formats, and our motion capture setup.
We've also added new "Tools" for working with both .asf/.amc and Vicon's .vsk/.v files.

Please don't crawl this database! Check out our FAQs.

This data is free for use in research projects.
You may include this data in commercially-sold products,
but you may not resell this data directly, even in converted form.
If you publish results obtained using this data, we would appreciate it
if you would send the citation to your published paper to,
and also would add this text to your acknowledgments section:
The data used in this project was obtained from
The database was created with funding from NSF EIA-0196217.

Note: In this database, the same person may appear under more than one subject number.
Each subject, however, has its own calibrated skeleton.

Note: When browsing for motions, start with the higher numbered subjects first.
The lower numbers contain some of our earliest motion capture sessions, and may not be as high quality.

Note: The "toe" and "hand" joints in our motions tend to be noisy, and may require some smoothing.
The "finger" and "thumb" joints are added to the skeleton for editing convenience
- we do not actually capture these joints' motions and any such data should be ignored.

There are 2605 trials in 6 categories and 23 subcategories.

 Human Interaction
    two subjects

 Interaction with Environment
    playground, uneven terrain, ...

    running, walking, ...

 Physical Activities & Sports
    basketball, dance, ...

 Situations & Scenarios
    common behaviors and expressions, pantomime, ...

 Test Motions