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Subject #88 (acrobatics) file index
- - asf framerate Feedback
Image Trial # Motion Description
2backflips, jump onto platform, handstands, vertical pushupstvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
3motorcycle posetvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
4stretches, cartwheels, flips, spin kicks, spins, and falltvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
5cartwheel into backfliptvdc3damcAnimated60Feedback
6jump and spin kicktvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
8crouch and flip backward on handstvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
9stretch and cartwheeltvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
10stretch and spintvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
11stretches and jumpstvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback