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Subject #86 (sports and various activities) file index
- - asf framerate Feedback
Image Trial # Motion Description
1jumps kicks and punchesc3damcAnimated120Feedback
2walk, squats, run, stretch, jumps, punches, and drinkingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
3walking, running, jumping, kicking, and stretchingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
4walking, stretching, punching, chopping, and drinkingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
5walking, jumping, jumping jacks, jumping on one foot, punching, chopping,c3damcAnimated120Feedback
6walking, running, kicking, punching, knee kicking, and stretchingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
7walking, swinging arms, stretching, jumping on one leg, and jumpingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
8walking, squats, stretching, kicking, and punchingc3damcAnimated120Feedback
9walking, sitting, looking, stand upc3damcAnimated120Feedback
10walk around, sit, stand up, and runningc3damcAnimated120Feedback
11walking, stretching, walking and turningc3damcAnimated120Feedback
12walking, dragging, sweeping, dustpan, wipe window, and wipe mirrorc3damcAnimated120Feedback
13walking around, walk up ladder, step down ladderc3damcAnimated120Feedback
14bouncing basketball, shooting basketball, dribble basketball, two handed dribblec3damcAnimated120Feedback
15walking, sitting, hand motionsc3damcAnimated120Feedback