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Subject #81 (pushing a box; jumping off a ledge; walks) file index
- - asf framerate Feedback
Image Trial # Motion Description
1fix hair and walk forwardtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
2walk forwardtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
4walk at a brisk pacetvdamcAnimated120Feedback
5push heavy objecttvdamcAnimated120Feedback
6push heavy boxtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
7pull heavy objecttvdamcAnimated120Feedback
8drag heavy objecttvdamcAnimated120Feedback
9drag heavy objecttvdamcAnimated120Feedback
10push object that is high in airtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
11push object that is high in airtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
12jump backwards off ledgetvdamcAnimated120Feedback
13jump backwards off ledgetvdamcAnimated120Feedback
14climb backwards off ledgetvdamcAnimated120Feedback
15climb backwards off ledgetvdamcAnimated120Feedback
17walk forwardtvdamcAnimated120Feedback
18adjust hair walk forwardtvdamcAnimated120Feedback