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Subject #62 (construction work, random motions) file index
- - asf framerate Feedback
Image Trial # Motion Description
1bolt loosening, wrench tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
2bolt tightening, wrench tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
3sawing, hand saw tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
4screwing tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
5screwing tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
6unscrewing tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
7hammering a nail tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
8hammering a nail tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
9pulling a nail tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
10hammering sequence tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
11cleaning up tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
12hard days drink tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
13moving a stool tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
14opening umbrella tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
15opening umbrella tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
16closing umbrella tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
17opening and closing umbrella tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
18closing a box tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
19opening a box tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
20closing, moving and opening a box tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
21coiling a rope tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
22dynamic calibration tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
23bolt tightening tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
24bolt tightening, with putting bolt in tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback
25bolt loosening, wrench tvdc3damcmpgAnimated60Feedback